Kathryn's Biography

October 18, 1974: Kathryn Lynn Kramer is born to parents Wolfgang and Katerina Lynn Kramer, in Germantown, a Philadelphia suburb.
1989: Kathryn completes two standardized IQ tests grading 147 and 144.
April 1990: Kathryn applies to and is accepted to the Journalism and Business Administration programmes at Penn State, at the prestigious Mary Jean and Frank P Smeal College of Business after completing High School in 3 years.
June 1994: Kathryn graduates Summa Cum Laude and continues on to postgraduate work.
April 1995: Kathryn is recruited by ZNN in New York City for a position upon graduation.
June 1996 Kathryn accepts a full-time position with ZNN and moves to New York City.
August 1999: Kathryn begins her Doctoral Studies at CUNY.

Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Food(s): Shrimp Scampy, Eggplant Parmigiana, Manicotti and Apple Strudel.
Favorite Movie(s): Princess Bride, Three Weddings and a Funeral, Tombstone.
Favorite Accessory: iPOD
Favorite Store: Lord and Taylor's.
Favorite Summer Vacation: Hamptons or Outer Banks, Hang Gliding and Equestrian.
Favorite Winter Vacation: Skiing or Snow Boarding.

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