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July 4, 1960: Nicholaus Augustus Pantera is born to parents Roberto and Jeanne Pantera in Augusta, Georgia. Roberto is a Navy Veteran and served with LT Commander John McCain aboard the US aircraft carrier Oriskiny during the Vietnam War.
April 1978: Nick applies for entry to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University just before high school graduation from the Lucy Craft Laney High School in Augusta. He is accepted.
August 1981: Nick meets Margaret April Prescott, an assistant office manager at a local law firm.
June 1982: Nick graduates with a major in Aeronautical Engineering and a minor in Electrical Engineering, carrying a 3.87 GPA.
July 1982: Nick begins OTS (Officer Training School) at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio,Texas. He is commisioned a Second Lieutenant upon graduation.
1984: Nick is promoted to O-2 First Lieutenant.
April 1985: Nick and Margaret marry.
1986: Nick is promoted to O-3 Captain and begins training at the Fighter Weapons School, F16 specialization, 16th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Nellis Air Force Base, North Las Vegas, Nevada.
1990: Nick is promoted to O-4 Major.
January 1991: Nick is promoted to O-5 Lieutenant Colonel for meritorious service, and is assigned to operation Desert Storm, King Khalid Air Force Base, Khamis Mushayt, Saudi Arabia.
October 1998: Nick retires from the Air Force and applies for a Special Tactical Team Operations Oversight position in Chicago, Illinois. He assumes task force command in December.
July 2008: Nicholaus and Margaret divorce, no children.
August 2008: Nick locates and purchases a 1974 Pantera GTS from an auction.
February 2009: Nick sets up a freelancing operation and begins soliciting investigations.

Favorite Color: Red or Yellow
Favorite Food(s): Chicken Parmigiana and Stuffed Shells
Favorite Movie(s): Unforgiven and Tombstone
Favorite Store(s): Summit Racing and Pete's Gun Shop.
Favorite Summer Vacation: Beach
Favorite Winter Vacation: Skiing and Snowmobiling

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